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Network Rail Takes Over Guildford Station Ahead Of Major Revamp

Network Rail has taken over Guildford railway station to support the planned re-development of it.

The current view to the entrance of Guildford railway station.

The £150 million revamp by Solum, the Network Rail and Keir Properties development partnership, was given the go-ahead in January 2018. Nick-named, “The Great Wall of Guildford”, planning permission was granted two years after it was unanimously rejected by Guildford Borough Council.

As reported by Rail Technology Magazine, although Network Rail has taken over the station (as well as Clapham Junction station), South Western Railway will retain most day-to-day responsibilities for running them, and staff roles will not be directly affected.

Network Rail is responsible for maintenance and renewal work at the stations and all commercial activities, excluding ticket sales.

An artist’s impression on how Guildford railway station may look following redevelopment.

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2 Responses to Network Rail Takes Over Guildford Station Ahead Of Major Revamp

  1. Bill Stokoe Reply

    April 13, 2018 at 9:22 pm

    Let’s see if they have a rethink about the ‘Wall’ and make way for GVG’s new crossing.

  2. Bibhas Neogi Reply

    April 17, 2018 at 12:24 pm

    A new east-west crossing is essential if the town centre is to be made pedestrian friendly.

    The gyratory has to go but what would be in its place so that north-south traffic could still be maintained?

    One possible solution would be to put the Millbrook and Onslow Street stretch underground between Quarry Street junction and York Road roundabout.

    It could be done using what is known as top-down construction and not by digging a tunnel. The surface road would be reinstated for pedestrians, cyclists, buses and emergency vehicles only.

    GVG’s answer is to take all traffic to the west of the tracks and back again over to Woodbridge Road. However there are difficult technical challenges of rebuilding Farnham Road Bridge and the wider new bridge over the tracks to take all the traffic.

    Trains run almost 21 hours a day and satisfying Network Rail’s safety requirements would be, I think, near impossible.

    Would GVG say to what extent they have discussed with Network Rail the practicability of building these new bridges over their tracks?

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