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Riders, Cyclists and Runners Should Be Aware of Deaf Walkers

From Celia Woodward

I recently witnessed a woman galloping her horse up the bridleway from the car park in Halfpenny Lane, Chilworth heading towards St Martha’s Church at the top of the hill. She was not trotting, not cantering, but going at a full-tilt galloping.

There were seven or eight walkers on the path who had to scatter to get out of the way.

Deaf walkers have no easy way of advertising their condition – a large notice announcing it is viewed by many of us as likely to invite unwelcome, even dangerous, attention. We just do not look deaf.

Had I been on that path, on my own, and facing the wrong way, I doubt if I would have heard the animal approaching until it was too late for me or the rider to avoid a nasty accident.

So please do not assume that the walker in front of you will be aware of your approach.

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