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Notice: ‘Rewriting The Self’ Workshop At Sparky’s Café

On Saturday, March 17, writer and lecturer Melanie Whipman will be running a ‘Rewriting the Self’ workshop in Sparky’s Café at Farnham Road Hospital.

Starting at 10am, the two-hour workshop will experiment with using real life events and personal history as inspiration for writing. Students will begin to learn how to edit and transform their memories into engaging prose.

Writer and lecturer Melanie Whipman.

While this will be a fun and informal workshop, students can often find that writing creatively can help to externalise their feelings, making them more real as a result. Emotions will come out through the writing process and this can often spark insight for greater understanding.

A previous event at Sparky’s Café.

Students usually find these workshops cathartic, as life events and emotions can be projected onto fictional characters or placed inside of the story. The act of creating fictional characters, along with a specific plot structure sometimes helps students gain control over their own emotions too.

The workshop is free of charge and students just need to bring along a pen, a notebook and their imagination.

For more details, email Maria Ruiz:

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