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Where Is This? No.286

By David Rose

The building pictured in the previous post was Ye Olde Malt House, and was situated in the Street, Shalford, nearly opposite the Seahorse pub.

Well done to those who correctly identified it, while the quirky picture of a Second World War public air-raid shelter can be found just off High Path Road, at the foot of Merrow Downs, close to Guildford Golf Club.

Click here to see the post and all the components at the foot of it, with extra details, of course!

Do you recognise this street?

The mystery vintage picture this time was taken in around 1930, with the building of lighter coloured bricks said to have been a Temperance hotel. Note the speed limit sign on the right.

A familiar view in the town, or is it?

Where can this be found and what does is represent?

The quirky picture this time is a piece of artwork inserted within brickwork. No real clues here as there should be enough details in the picture to work out where it is.

Perhaps a reader can add some details about it?

If you know the answers and perhaps can add some more details, please leave a reply in the box below. I’ll give the answers in two week’s time with the next images.

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