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Wolf Cubs Celebrate Two Birthdays – But What Year Was It?

Lying hidden in a box were these press cutting of the 9th Guildford (Congregational) Wolf Cub pack celebrating its 38th anniversary and the 50th birthday of its cubmaster, a Mr F. Fry.

Wolf Cubs from the 9th Guildford (Congregational) pack blow out the candles on a cake celebrating their cub master’s 50th birthday. But what year? Click on images to enlarge.

Reader Suzan Matthews found the cuttings when she was sorting through some boxes a couple of months ago.

A double celebration was held by the Wolf Cub pack.

She writes: “I think the boy second in from the left might be my brother, Bruce Clark. He was born 1940, so that would date this event somewhere between 1948 to 1951.

“Unfortunately, I don’t know when the group was founded to add the 38 years for a more accurate date!”

The 9th Guildford (Congregational) Scout Troop was one of the earliest in the country and was a very large and flourishing group which met in Centenary Hall, Chapel Street for over 50 years.

Some years later as the troop dwindled in numbers, it merged with St Nicolas Scout Troop to became the St Nicolas 9th Guildford Group, which met in the old scout hut tucked away behind St Nicolas School.

It was revived in 2009 after it had folded 10 years previously and today has thriving Beaver, Cub and Scout sections.

Click here for its website.

If you know the date and / or can add any further details, please leave a reply in the box below.

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