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Letter: Can You Help Me Find Old School Photos?

From Delma Brain

This Stoughton Junior School picture dates from 1953.

Do any Guildford Dragon readers have any photos of Stoughton Infant School and joiners to Northmead Girls School from the 1960s please? I have been looking for them for over 15 years. Can you please held me?


I have started a folder of my life history, schools, homes, maps and photos.

Please respond to: Ed.

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One Response to Letter: Can You Help Me Find Old School Photos?

  1. Carolyn Mullen Reply

    February 24, 2018 at 12:10 pm

    Hi Delma.

    There is a historic group for Stoughton Infant and Stoughton Middle School on Facebook, which contains photos and memories from people of different eras.

    I hope this could be of assistance to you.

    Please feel free to join us. I have added a link below

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