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Letter: The Borough Council’s Reputation Is Hanging By A Thread

From Helena Townsend

Guildford Borough Council’s reputation is hanging by a thread in the commercial world. Many stakeholders say that the council is extremely difficult to deal with and “like no other”.

This, coupled with all of these toxic pressure groups, is suffocating the town and making us a laughing stock. If Guildford’s council had been cleverer they could have retained control of the Solum situation and we wouldn’t be where we are today.

If the borough council decides to proceed with a Judicial Review then, if it fails, those responsible should be prepared step down. The costs for a failed JR are likely to be substantial and will have to be born by the taxpayer.

I have serious concerns with some of the Executive in place and what exactly they are doing for Guildford, or not doing, as the case seems to be.

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