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Where Is This? No.283

By David Rose

Most readers who replied to the previous post correctly identified the vintage picture as being Denzil Road.

The Stanniforth Brothers claimed it is named after Denzil Tulser. He, of course, was a character in the TV comedy Only Fools and Horses.

You may be able to fool some of people all of the time, but not us!

So who was Denzil? According to Wikipedia (if you feel inclined to believe it): “Denzil Onslow of Stoughton (c. 1698 – 15 November 1765) was a British politician. A member of the influential Onslow family of Surrey. He held a number of lucrative Government posts, and died owing a relatively large sum to the Treasury through mismanagement of his accounts.”

In her reply, Carol Norris asked of the origin of Genyn Road, that adjoins Denzil Road.

In her book, Guildford’s Hidden History, author Helen Chapman Davies, lists the keepers of Guildford’s enclosed royal deer park, and in and around 1422 John Genyn was the keeper.

The war memorial in the quirky picture can be found on Blackheath.

The war memorial at Blackheath. Perhaps the unveiling and dedication ceremony? Click to enlarge pictures in a new window.

Here is a picture postcard of it. I wonder whether this was taken at the unveiling and dedication of it?

Click here to seer the previous post and all the replies.

Two pictures as the mystery vintage ones this week. Both taken from a high vantage point over looking Guildford town centre.

Vintage picture 1.

They were sent to me by Julia Funnell. Her late father-in-law took the photos and I guess they date to around the end of the 1950s.

Vintage picture 2.

Do you know from where he took the pictures and can you name some of the buildings seen, particularly ones that no longer exist or have changed in appearance.

I am particularly interested in the house with the curved features of the upper walls and roof seen in picture 1. It is much altered today. Who occupies it now?

If you use Google Earth, you can zoom in and almost get the same angle today.

Quirky picture 1.

This week’s quirky pictures were submitted by Dave Middleton, who has sent some good ones in before.

Quirky picture 2.

They are a bit tricky, and I had not noticed this monogram before. Dave says: “They show some wooden initials on the fascia of two shops in Guildford High Street.”

Do you recognise the location and perhaps know whose monogram is featured?

If you know the answers and perhaps can add some more details, please leave a reply in the box below. I’ll give the answers in two week’s time with the next two images.

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