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Residents Fear Their Cul-de-Sac Will Be Access Road For New Development

Residents of a quiet cul-de-sac in Ash have been shocked to learn that their street is to become the access road to a new housing development.

The plans are for 12 houses to be built behind Tilthams Garage in Ash Street, on land owned and used by the garage.

Ash Lodge Close.

According to the plans, access would be through Ash Lodge Close, an unadopted road owned by the applicant.

The news has stunned people living in the street. They say that when they moved into the close there was never any mention of a third party owning the road and they were told the residents themselves were responsible for its upkeep.

A planning application has been submitted to Guildford Borough Council. Strong objections have been made by residents of the cul-de-sac and also by people living in nearby Wey Close, whose own homes back on to the development land.

Residents of both streets have raised various objections to the proposals. Chief among these is the fact that a quiet close would become a through road, bringing traffic noise and hazards. There is also deep concern about the disturbance, noise and possible damage that the construction traffic would bring.

Importantly, the residents would lose parking space at the end of Ash Lodge Close – leading, they say, to serious parking problems.

One resident, Ann Norton, said in her letter of objection to the council: “My title deeds, as do my neighbours, show that at the end of our close there are five allocated parking spaces.

“These parking spaces will be lost if the planning application is approved resulting in the loss of a valuable residential amenity. As these spaces are registered on several title deeds can these spaces be removed legally?

“Does the planning application take the loss of these spaces into account and will there be parking spaces made available for the existing properties in Ash Lodge Close?”

Residents of nearby Wey Close are concerned about the loss of privacy the new houses would bring – fearing that their own homes would be overlooked – and also believe their gardens are likely to be threatened by flooding once the homes are built.

The consultation period ended at the end of December. Planning applications can be delegated to the council’s planning development manager, or can be referred to the planning committee for a decision.

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