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Notice: Herald Players In ‘Hell’ In Latest Production

Eternity in a locked room with three strangers – somebody, somewhere has decided they should be together forever. However, this is not the latest reality show, it is Jean-Paul Sartre’s view of hell.

For their first production in 2018, the Herald Players are performing No Exit at the Star Inn, Quarry Street in Guildford from Tuesday to Thursday, January 16 to 18 at 8pm.

Often studied, performed on stage and made into films, No Exit is one of Jean-Paul Sartre’s finest plays. Three ‘damned souls,’ Garcin, Inez and Estelle find themselves in a room with only a statue, a paperknife and three sofas for company. There is no glass, no possibility of sleep and the lights are always on. What is there to do, but talk about life and death? No need for a torturer when they have each other.

The Herald Players will perform No Exit at The Star Inn in Quarry Street.

Director Oliver Bruce, said: “Having been fascinated by existentialist work for a long time, it didn’t take me long to discover Sartre’s masterpiece. No Exit is a deep, beautifully written story, which is intense and dramatic with some surprisingly light-hearted moments.

“The Backroom at the Star Inn is the perfect location to set our small-cast one act play, as our audiences will be close to the action. And of course, as it’s a pub there’s the opportunity for people to have a meal beforehand, and have a drink as they enjoy the play.”

Tickets are available from

Rehearsals are also under way for an all-female production of Macbeth. Following the success of Julius Caesar last year, the Herald Players are once again teaming up with Creaction to bring a Shakespeare play to the Electric Theatre in March.


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