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Letter: We Do Need To Get On With The Museum Project

From Gordon Bridger

hon alderman and former Mayor of Guildford

In response to: Let’s Encourage The Council To Get On With The Museum Project

When I visit Guildford Museum I am reminded of Dylan Thomas remark: “It was a museum which should be in a museum.”

Over the last five years, we had two failed attempts to get a grant from the Heritage Lottery. Why? Was there any attempt o investigate what went wrong? If not, why not?

Then the Surrey Archaeological Society who had served the community very well and had considerable national status got chucked out over a trivial rental dispute.

Following further changes, the council made the welcome decision that something positive had to be done and allocated some £2.5m to radically improve the museum and sought outside views, which Gavin Morgan expresses well.

With a new dynamic Director of the Environment at GBC, Peter O’Connell, we now have a chance to get this long-needed programme up and running

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