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Letter: Choosing the Least Worst Party Could Become a Thing of the Past

From Jenny Procter

In response to: Are Residents Well Served by the Main Political Parties in Local Government?

It is encouraging to see this groundswell of opposition to the control of councillors representing the mainstream parties for so many areas. It shows what can be done.

The success of GGG In the last local elections was remarkable with little time to prepare or canvass. Those GGG councillors and the few rebel representatives of the mainstream parties have fought hard for their electorate and it is to be hoped that residents of Guildford Borough and their representative associations take note and action for future elections.

Choosing the least worst option could become a thing of the past. Conservative-controlled Guildford Borough Council is currently able to ride roughshod with impunity over residents wishes and requirements.

The huge number of objections to the Local Plan has been more or less ignored. If “consultation” is treated with such scornful disregard we really do need to think very hard about who we allow to take control of our future and make changes.

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