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Opinion: Let’s Encourage The Council To Get On With The Museum Project

Gavin Morgan

By Gavin Morgan

Guildford Heritage Forum

It is a new year – time for resolutions. My resolution is to encourage Guildford Borough Council to get on with the Guildford Museum project which started in April 2016 and which appears to have stalled.

We do not know why nothing appears to be happening but we want to help.

The council has great plans for new displays and a café with an entrance from the Castle Grounds. It has set up a team and sorted out initial funding but there has been no official progress report for over a year.

We must work together to make this a great community project that enhances the reputation of the town and everyone involved.

Guildford Museum in Quarry Street.

Our Victorian forefathers created the town we know today.

Some wanted to demolish the castle and put a bandstand in its place.

Instead they had the foresight to restore the castle, and lay out a park with floral displays that have won awards and become and icon for the town.

Are we going to the generation that is remembered for missing a brilliant opportunity or the generation that transformed the Castle Grounds into something that will be celebrated for decades to come?

To read the full article click here on the Guildford Heritage Forum’s website.

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2 Responses to Opinion: Let’s Encourage The Council To Get On With The Museum Project

  1. Martin Elliott Reply

    January 2, 2018 at 1:49 pm

    Really. One explanation surely is the diversion of GBC supervision and resources away on another development initiative – The Village!

    That went well didn’t it?

    Of course, at least we’ve been told professional consultants were employed for the museum project, so basic mistakes shouldn’t have been made.

  2. Mike Murphy Reply

    January 6, 2018 at 1:01 am

    Obviously, the Conservative leadership have been more interested in their junkets to China and despoiling our precious green belt rather than a really good sensible project which could leave a great legacy.

    But as they seem incapable of making any sensible decisions. Don’t hold your breath.

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