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Letter: BBC ‘Mood Box’ Gives a Guildford Verdict on the PM

From Brian Creese,

Guildford Labour communications officer

The BBC visited Bushy Hill Junior School, Merrow for their bonfire celebrations on Thursday 2nd November. They asked the parents and locals at the event, “Is Theresa May in control?” and the results were broadcast on The Sunday Politics broadcast on November 5.

You can see the results here:

Perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised that is a week of continuing chaos for the Tory Party, and two ministerial resignations, Bushy Hill parents and residents felt  that no, Theresa May is not in control.

One wonders if she will still be in charge come next bonfire night?

Editor’s note: one of those interviewed in the video, featured in the still photo above, is Cllr Graham Ellwood, (Con, Merrow).

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2 Responses to Letter: BBC ‘Mood Box’ Gives a Guildford Verdict on the PM

  1. David Wragg Reply

    November 10, 2017 at 11:06 am

    As a lifelong Conservative voter, I have to say that she is not in control and is out of her depth. She is unconvincing and her sole ace up her sleeve is the danger of an election in which Labour would win at a time when that party is extremely left-wing, virtually Communist.

    I fear that she will give away too much in the Brexit negotiations, give away too much of our money without demanding to know how the EU has arrived at its ridiculous exit fee. We have propped up other EU members for too long and given them too much, despite Thatcher’s rebate, much reduced by Blair, without even being asked for it.

    People accuse Corbyn of trying to take this country back to the 1970s, but May has taken it back to the 1950s and 1960s, when the Conservative party treated its own supporters with disdain.

    • Stuart Barnes Reply

      November 11, 2017 at 11:17 am

      In reply to Mr Wragg – I agree with all you say. However it is too dangerous to remove Mrs May at this time so we have to back her.

      If only we had strong principled person such as the great Rees-Mogg in charge but we will have to work with what we have got to get out of the corrupt and failed EU at the earliest opportunity without paying their blackmail bill.

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