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The Guildford Quiz No. 8

Thank you for taking part in The Dragon’s “Guildford Quiz”. We hope you enjoy it. It is to enable you to test and expand your knowledge of our town and borough and have a bit of fun.

Each week there will be five questions one each on: local history, local government, local geography, local current affairs, pot luck.

Once you click on an answer you will be given the option to “check”. Clicking the button will allow you to see if you answered correctly and see further information relating to the correct answer. At the end of the quiz you will be shown your score.

Some questions are tough. The average Guildford Quiz score achieved, in a sample checked, was 45%, so if you get three questions right regard yourself as above average, four correct is very good and five excellent. For those who only get one or two, all you need to do is read The Dragon more frequently!

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