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Letter: I Urge Everyone To Comment On The Future Of Our Museum

museum-brown-signFrom Susan Parker

Borough councillor for Send and leader of the Guildford Greenbelt Group

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I would urge members of the public to participate in the Heritage Forum in order to express their views about Guildford Museum and its possible redevelopment. Like Gavin Morgan I think there is a deep irony in the contemplation of the loss of the museum, given that this is a Heritage Weekend.

Comments to the forum may be the only opportunity to change the decision-making process. It is not clear that there will be any formal consultation.

It is possible that decisions will be made by the Executive rather than by the Full Council. If so, decisions on sale of parts of the museum site could be made relatively soon. Only public opinion, clearly and widely expressed, can change the probable outcome.

My personal view is that the museum buildings are of historical importance and should be kept. I have considerable affection for them. They represent the ancient heart of the town and should not be sold off to the highest bidder. At the very least they should retain their existing use for the time being.

If a better, newer museum is subsequently planned and agreed, then at that stage we could integrate the existing functions of the museum into premises seamlessly.

In my view, it would not be sensible to consider selling off any part of the existing site before at least planning the changes to the museum for our town. Frankly that would be a dereliction of our civic responsibility in relation to our shared heritage. But I am not on the Executive of this council, that is only my personal view.

I would urge members of the public to comment at length, on the Heritage Forum’s website, so that this is debated publicly.

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